Die Reformation Concert

The German American Society of Utah is pleased to celebrate the momentous events of the Reformation with a concert at the Episcopal Cathedral of Saint Mark on October 12th and 13th, 2017. The concert will feature works by Reformation composers from the Reformation period and beyond performed by some of Salt Lake City's finest musicians. Choral music will be sung in the original German.

A suggested donation of $20 can be made at the door. Tickets are also available for purchase from our online store. Purchasing a ticket before the event guarantees a reserved seat for whichever night you attend.



Watch this brief interview with Lothar Gulla, president of the German American Society of Utah, to learn more about the event.

We, the leadership and members of the Society, directly sense a “native” closeness to this body of music and are enthused to be able to add our voices to the celebration. We also look forward to formal representation at the concert of all churches in our community. We all have been enriched by the Protestant Reformation in so many aspects of our lives, and we know that the universal language of music will bring us together in a unique spirit of joy and renewal. 

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